Premium Generic Domain Names

IT-Recruiter.comSince the mid 1970’s when the recruitment industry first began to grow in popularity, the IT sector has been and continues to be one of the biggest revenue generators, with permanent placement fees often measured in five figures and with contract margins being worth considerably more.

We used to run an IT recruitment business and so acquired many years ago with the intention of developing it.

Since leaving that industry more than 10 years ago however, the name is not being used and is being made available for possible lease to interested IT recruiters.

These days, your clients and candidates expect an IT recruiter to have a decent web site. Luckily, with the advance of web technologies, it’s now possible to run an IT recruitment web site, including a comprehensive job board and candidate database at very little cost.

This means that even a successful one-man business can look a lot bigger and more professional in an online environment.

Here’s how you can build a successful IT recruitment business online in hours:

  • Lease
  • Open a web hosting account
  • Download & install WordPress (free) onto your web server
  • Install a job board plugin (We recommend Job Manager)
  • Add a template (Plenty of free ones but we use Headway Themes)
  • Add a free SEO plugin so people can find you

That’s about it – you’re in business!

IT-Recruiter exactly describes what an IT recruitment business does, so when people see the name on advertisements, in search engine results etc, they know what you do without even thinking about it.

Buy now for just £1950+VAT where applicable and promote your IT recruitment business online.

UK Audience Only? No problem, we also own and that is available at just £1499 + VAT.

Need the plural? We have available too.

If you need both of these fantastic names, ask us for a package price discount.