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After building our name portfolio over many years, we are now making some of them available for sale at realistic and affordable prices.

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surveyor franchiseIf you’re thinking of building a surveying franchise network, what better name could you have than

We’re making it available for the first time – it’s unused and it’s got the two keywords you’ll need to get the traffic to your web site – surveying and franchise.

Generic, keyword domains can significantly help with your search engine exposure – just the name is enough to stand out in a page full of search results, but chances are, that with, you’ll soon be number one anyway!

The surveying sector is busier and more profitable than ever and consequently more companies will be looking to franchise their operations.

If this is an area you’re involved in, contact us today – is available for just £925 + VAT. (VAT applicable within the EU). is for saleWe’ve owned this great domain name for many years now, recognising the opportunity for recruitment & employment consultants to offer interviewing assistance.

People come to the Internet mainly to find information – quite often “how to” information.

By offering great online tips on interview techniques, you will easily position yourself as an expert and of course, the name of the site describes exactly what’s on offer.

You might think that giving away free information is counter-productive and non-profitable, but in fact, in the online environment, the opposite is true – the more you give away, the more you get back in referrals, new clients and gratitude.

If you’re a consultant offering interview skills training, don’t let this opportunity slip by. is a steal at just £899 + VAT

Rural Surveyor [.com]

rural is a great name for anyone specailising in this lucrative surveying niche.

Think about it. If you were searching online for a rural surveyor, what key words would you use?

If it’s “rural surveyor,” you’ve just found the ideal name to drive business to your web page.

Many people don’t use search engines any longer – they’ll simply type in the domain name into their browsers and expect something relevant to be on the page.

Think of the advantage this could provide to your rural surveying practice. We know, because we use key word domain names to generate highly targeted visitors to our own web sites.

Remember, you only need ONE targeted visitor to gain a new client in your niche, so if your domain name explains what you do, you’re already halfway there.

Buy it now – £695 + VAT of the most effective methods of promoting professional services is online, but few UK based organisations realise that there’s a quick way to grab people’s attention – and that’s by using generic, keyword-rich domain names.

If you were looking online for “direct medicals” – which is probably the top keyword phrase in this sector, the chances are that with the name “,” you’re going to get the visitor’s click.

A web site address is more than just a name. When used properly, it can be used as a very strong marketing tool. A name that describes the service you offer is as good as it gets.

We know this, because we run our own businesses online, using generic names like this. It works.

But we also know that many businesses won’t want to invest huge sums in acquiring what to them, is “just a name.”

Of course, some executives of businesses that think like this will think nothing of spending thousands of pounds on their own personalised registration numbers for their cars, which adds no value whatsoever!

So what will cost? Surprisingly perhaps, it’s just £1995+VAT and for that, you’ll get automatic registration rights to too!

Just complete the form and we’ll be in touch to arrange same-day transfer. – the ideal domain name for a surveying jobs website, whether used as a recruitment agency site or a fully-fledged job board focusing on the lucrative surveying profession.

Unlike some domain name specialists, we price our names to sell without the buyer being left wondering if they’ve paid too much. is available at the bargain price of £995 + VAT.

If you have to ask yourself if that’s affordable, worthwhile or valuable to you as a recruiter in this market, you’re in the wrong business!

Buy it now – we’ll send a Paypal invoice to your email, you pay it  and the name is yours – in moments.

Freelance RecruiterPriced to sell, we know that is a great name for any recruitment company or consultant involved in recruiting freelancers in any sector.

We know the recruitment industry inside-out, so we fully understand the value of this great keyword domain name.

You could buy cheaper, but you can’t buy better in the freelance recruitment industry, so get yourself a REAL marketing advantage by grabbing a domain name that describes EXACTLY what you do.

It’s yours for just £2995 + VAT and at that price, it’s a real bargain.

change consultantBusiness change is really big business, but if you’re already in that sector, you don’t need us to tell you!

So how do YOU get noticed in a very crowded and competitive sector?

Well, unless you want to spend an awful lot of money buying key words with the major search engines, you don’t have many options.

However, there could be a better way.

Keyword-rich domain names are a proven way to help bump your web site UP the search engine rankings.

As long as your web site has original, useful and relevant content to suit your sector, a relevant domain name can seriously help your search rankings.

We know, because we’ve used this philosophy for many years in our own business – it works.

So if you’re a change consultant looking to increase your exposure online and get new business, what better name to use than

We’re not active in this sector ourselves, so we’re making this great domain name available for sale at the very attractive price of £950 + VAT.

That’s a small price to pay for the potential increased exposure you can get – and a lot cheaper than ONE advertisement in the trade press.

Land BrokerIf you are a land broker in the UK, then we have a name that’s right up your street! (plus automatic registration rights to is offered for sale at £4250 + VAT.

This is a premium domain name for the sector, containing the precise key words a person would use in a search.

Grab it now – it’s fully tax deductible.

investment property domain name for is now available for sale at just £350 plus VAT.

This domain name could be used as an investment property advice web site, to sell property, mortgages, loans, attract investors and much more.

Steal it today at the super-low price of £350 + VAT.

Property Syndicate (.com) The property investment market is taking off again and property syndicates are gaining popularity in order to spread the risk for investors.

We’re making this great name available for sale – make us an offer we can’t refuse and it could be yours by the end of the day.